CAETS 2021

CAETS Annual Meeting 2021

The National Academy of Engineering of Argentina has the responsibility of organizing the CAETS Annual Meeting of 2021. The prolongation of the COVID 19 pandemic has forced for the second consecutive year to hold the event virtually. Although this will reduce the possibility of personal dialogues, it allows having speakers who could not have participated in person.

The central theme chosen this year is The Future of Energy. The approach is prospective, with an eye to the future. The expected changes in demand and in the energy supply matrix, will be analyzed. The objective of environmental preservation was considered in the development of the program, as it has been in previous CAETS annual meetings. The first session will deal with the interaction between energy and global warming. It is intended that this topic, like others in the symposium, be addressed by balancing environmental goals, energy efficiency and costs. The study of the impact of COVID 19 has not been neglected.

Special attention will be paid to cleaner energy, recognizing its rapid technological evolution and the reduction of its costs. We have included an inquiry referring to the intermittences created on the grid by wind or solar generation. The nuclear energy chapter will deserve a session, as well as renewables.

This symposium will also deal with the oil & gas sector. It's an important component of the energy matrix that has found a new role with the use of natural gas as the transition fuel associated with the developments of new technologies for capture and storage of the carbon generated.

As has been customary in CAETS meetings, a session dedicated to engineering education has been incorporated.

The invited speakers are recognized for their high professional level and for their experience. Although the time allotted to their lectures is very limited, we are sure that they will be able to synthesize their ideas clearly.

Along with the decision to hold the event virtually, it was scheduled in five days and not three as originally planned. We have limited it to no more than five hours a day to facilitate the participation at a reasonable time span of the 31 CAETS Academies that are spread over five continents.




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